India is one of the most visually inspiring places I have ever been. The tastes, noises, smells, dramatic characters and places.. everything puts you into sensory overload. Jess and I spent a week at an ashram in Rishikesh where we focused on yoga and learning how to cook Indian food. We just sent a package back to the U.S. full of locally grown spices and herbs.. if you are one of those people who frequently eats dinner with us, get psyched!! 

I have been mostly focusing on shooting video this trip, and will upload a short video at some point in the next few weeks when it's finished. Jess and I will be enjoying New Years in Hampi, where we will boulder for the next two weeks. After that we are headed for Nepal, where we will be working with the Khumbu Climbing Center to teach Sherpas climbing and self-rescue skills. 

Here are a few stills from the past two weeks, enjoy!